Deep CJ-6: Day Four on Body Work
Short Cuts

By: Terry L. Howe - 4/2003

The inside of the tub clean and with the rust converter sprayed on.
The tub back on the frame

I wasn't particularlly in the mood to work on the old Jeep today, but I got some things done anyway. I painted the firewall black for one thing. After that was dry, I managed to get my friend Sean over for a bit and one of my neighbors to help me put the tub back on the frame.

I went out and bought a lot of supplies for the project ot avoid work. I got a gallon of Herculiner and some more rust converter. I wire wheeled the inside of the tub and sprayed on the rust converter so I can put on the Herculiner in a couple days.

I cleaned up the wind shield and removed the broken glass. I wire wheeled some of it, but it needs more. It also needs some welding and some rust converter.