Deep CJ-6: Day Seven Bondo
Short Cuts

By: Terry L. Howe - 4/2003

The Herculiner coats the inside of the tub and the rear fender wells.

I spent most of the morning and afternoon doing some more Bondo work and lots and lots of sanding. I also ran out to the paint store and looked at colors and picked up some etching primer and regular primer. The regular primer allows some build up and will cover small scratches. The etching primer is for bare metal which I have a fair amount of. It is very close to being ready to spray the primer, but my buddy with the HVLP is busy working and not able to get out at night. Paint will probably happen this weekend.

Around 7pm, my wife Diane came out to help me. I sanded down the inside of the tub with 60 grit while she swept up the floor. Next, I cleaned the inside of the tub out with laquer thinner after she had vacuumed it. Web both broke out the brushes and started laying on a heavy coat of Herculiner on the inside of the tub and the rear fender wells. It turned out great. Two or three quarts probably would of done the job, but I layed it on heavy in spots and used up a whole gallon. It looks great!

Herculiner is the same as Durabak, it is the retail version of the product. I've used Durabak on a number of projects, including my flat fender and my '75 J-10 pickup.