Deep CJ-6: Day Nine Prime and Color
Short Cuts

By: Terry L. Howe - 5/2003

Dash, grill, and wind shield with color.
The body bagged off and shot with color.

Well, Saturday was supposed to be primer day, but it went better than that and worse. Sean was coming over at 10am and by the time he got over, I had almost everything bagged off and ready for primer. Since the rig was most down to bare metal, I wanted to shoot a coat of etching primer. I'd had problems with paint on bare metal in the past and I wanted this job to come out nice.

Things were pretty set up, so we ran out to the paint store and picked up the color. I already had a gallon of clear coat from a previous paint job. This color was one of the cheapest of the hot rod colors I've bought to date. It was only $20 a quart, so I bought a whole gallon to have plenty of material on hand. Sean estimated the paint job to require 3 quarts.

We got back from the paint store and shot the etching primer. The etching primer was ready mixed and we got good coverage with only one quart. The etching primer needs 30 minutes to set and we shot the regular primer on top which is a build primer for sanding. A quart of that material did the job as well.

I was planning on just priming and wet sanding this day, but I was done the wet sanding by around 7pm, so Sean stopped by and shot a coat of color. Unfortunately, there was some lifting on the hood, the color was curling up. I'm not sure if it was a reaction with the etching primer up there or something on a rag I used to wet sand it. Most likely something on the rag. This killed our hopes to shoot color and clear and get the whole thing done in one day. It needed to be sanded out and recoated. Either way, we got a lot done.