Deep CJ-6: Day Eleven This and That
Short Cuts

By: Terry L. Howe - 5/2003

Transfer case linkage from the donor '91 Suburaban. Looks stock!
The battery tray mounted up.

I spent most of Monday catching up on all the things I was supposed to be doing while I was working on painting the rig. I only clocked about two hours on the rig today, but I got a couple things done.

One thing I managed to do was get the transfer case linkage hooked up. When I bought the transmission and transfer case from a '91 Suburban a couple years ago, I also took the transfer case linkage from the donor. It was a nice shifter and I was able to work it into my new tunnel cover. I had to slightly lengthen the rod from the shifter to the transfer case, but the end result is slick. I have a Lokar shifter on the 700R4.

The other thing I managed to get done was bolt in the battery tray. I still need to fix the battery mount, but I'd like to get the battery hooked up as soon as possible so I can wire the Jeep up and test the results.