Deep CJ-6: Day Twelve Reassemble
Short Cuts

By: Terry L. Howe - 5/2003

The front clip assembled.
The tailgate attached, the heater in, and the windshield partially assembled.

This Jeep has been torn down for two years, so I spent most of the day sorting through the boxes and trying to find things. Luckly, I'd labeled many things, but not everything. Some of the "obvious" things are not so obvious anymore.

One of the first things I worked on was getting the heater housing installed and the heater controls hooked up. I still need to run heater hoses and wire up the heater motor.

I hooked up the chains on the tailgate and put all the footman loops on it. The tailgate is actually from my old CJ-2A, so it has footman loops on the tailgate for some reason, maybe to hold down the original top.

I put the gasket on the bottom of the windshield and started to put the wiper motor linkage back together. I need to run out sometime and get a new piece of glass. The windshield had a crack in it when I bought it, looked like someone punched it from the inside.

The grill is now mounted up and the headlights are in there. The hood hardware is all set up so I don't need a stick to hold it open anymore.

The glove box door is mounted up nicely on the dash, although when I put a six point roll cage in, I probably won't be able to open it. I also screwed the data plate on the dash. The data plate has the weight of the vehicle, tire pressure, and information like that on it.