Deep CJ-6: Day Twenty-one Getting it Running
Short Cuts

By: Terry L. Howe - 5/2003

The license plate on the tailgate.
The license plate on the front.

With the fuel tank done, I finally filled the tank with some gas and sarched for fuel leaks. After trying to get the engine fired up for a while, I finally realized the fuel pump was not putting out enough pressure and so I swapped it out. The timing was all messed up, but I finally got the engine fired up, running, but running very poorly.

With the engine running, I put the Jeep on the trailer and took it to the exhaust shop. I had them put on a pretty quiet muffler so I can come home late without bothering the neighbors. With the muffler on, I can work on the engine timing and think at the same time!

The license plates were kind of hard to find places for. I wanted to place them so they would not get damaged. On the tailgate, I put the rear plate under some of the footman loops. I think only the early CJs have the footman loops, but even in '75 the tailgate was stamped for them. On the front, the license plate was a little hard to locate because of the weird winch mount I had.

The other little task I took care of was installing the RC5000 K&N filter. It is a cool little tapered cone filter that goes on the front of the speed/density TPI 350. Looks good on there.

The tasks left to do, other than getting the engine dialed in, include a top, roll cage, and some rocker gaurds. Those projects will probably have to wait a while.