Project Jeep Therapy: Disassembly
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By: Jeff Layton - 5/2000

First the Axles are removed
The axles removed
The engine is pulled
The engine is pulled
The body comes off
The body comes off
Down to the frame - the real work begins
Down to the frame, the real work begins

With my Jeep down for the count, it was time to make some serious decisions: rebuild the 258 and continue the build-up, or strip it all down to the frame and do a complete restoration to build the ultimate Jeep. Tough call, because option 2 (the ultimate Jeep) would mean I'd be Jeep-less for a couple years, while Option 1 would end up costing me several thousand dollars more in the long run (why rebuild an engine I'm going to replace later?)

Ah, the heck with it - here's my chance to go for it. I began disassembling the Jeep and selling off the parts that wouldn't be reused. Axles came first, as I planned a major upgrade there. The 258 wouldn't be worth much with a hole in it, so out it came next.

Ever wonder how much a scrap 258 block is worth? I got $4.76 for mine at the scrap yard!

I also sold off lots of other parts, from the T-5 to the York a/c compressor and brackets used for an air compressor. Off came the body. A couple of friends can be very useful here!

I've been a 'shadetree mechanic' for many years and generally can work through any challenge with the help of a friend, a manual, or both. But looking at what was left brought a sinking feeling. There was no turning back now.

So what's on the list from here? Well, besides repairing the single small rust hole found under a rollbar support, the plans were laid to transform the daily driver into "Project Jeep Therapy": the ultimate combination 4+ trail machine and drive-to-work-on-Monday machine.

The list Of Upgrades

There will of course be a million other little touches that make it "Jeep Therapy"

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