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by: Terry L. Howe

Off-Your Rockers
The corner guards
The corner guards
The corner guards
Tub with the corners chopped out

You may have noticed in the pictures taken when the tub was being Durabaked that the corners were completely cut out of the body. Both corners were badly damaged by the previous owner from accidents and cutting with a torch. Rust had also taken some chunks out of the corners. Rather than try to fix the corners, I decided to just cut them out and replace them with some heavy duty corner protection from Off-Your Rockers.

I had Off-Your Rocker rocker guards on my CJ-7 and just loved they way the worked, so I asked Off-Your Rockers to make me some of their corner guards. Dan did not have a pattern for a CJ-2A, but I was able to compare it to my CJ-7 and determine that the curve was the same. I asked him to send them out to me without cutting out the wheel well since I wasn't sure what that curve would look like.

Dan said he would be more than happy to make any cuts I needed in the corners if I just marked them out and mailed the corners back to him. I was able to save some shipping costs by asking a friends with a plasma cutter to make the cuts for me. I had my friends over at Rock Ware cut out the wheel wheel opening for me and cut out holes for tail lights and backup lights. I saved the corner material I cut out of the tub to mark out the wheel well opening and I used a coffee can to mark out for the lights.

After the corners were cut out, it was just a matter of drilling them and the tub for mounting. Off-Your Rockers sent with the corners a bunch of stainless steel, button head, hex bolts to attach them to the tub. In my case, the roll bar also bolted through the corner guard so they were firmly tied in.


Off Your Rocker
Dept. ORN
P.O Box 462
744 Toulouse Ct.
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Tel (650) 726-3008


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