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4x4 Unlimited Low Profile Winch Bumper
4x4 Unlimited recently introduced their low profile bumper and winch mount. This new bumper and winch mount lowers the winch so that it sits between the frame rails to improve air flow to the radiator.
Superior Axle & Gear's New Super 4.88 Gears
Superior Axle and Gear has finally introduced their new 4.88 gears for the AMC Model 20, Dana 30 (standard and reverse rotation) and the Dana 35. You are no longer limited to 4.56 gears. The additional 7% torque multiplication roughly makes up the difference between 33-in and 35-in tires. If you plan on running bigger meats, then check out these new gears!
Advance Adapters Slip Yoke Eliminator for the NP231
Advance Adapters provides a slip yoke eliminator kit for the NP231, follow along with this step by step installation.
Skid Plate Advanced Frame Works Custom Skid Plate
For most off-roading the YJ factory skid plate works pretty well. When you start playing in the big rocks though, the rocks usually win. After running the trails during last years Dakota Territory Challenge in South Dakota I was in need of a replacement skid plate.
Skid Plate Advanced Frame Works Custom Skid Plate
For most off-roading the YJ factory skid plate works pretty well. When you start playing in the big rocks though, the rocks usually win. After running the trails during last years Dakota Territory Challenge in South Dakota I was in need of a replacement skid plate.
CTM Compared CTM Racing Dana 44 U-Joints
So you spent the money on a custom Dana 44 with all the bells and whistles for the front of your Jeep. Now that you have progressed to the extreme trails, you discovered you need to step up from the 33" tires you are running. Now you break front axle u-joints regularly. So what are your options? Recently Jack Graef from CTM Racing came out with another solution, unbreakable u-joints.
Explorer Pro Comp Coil Lift for YJs
Bryan Archambeault shows how he installed this lift kit in his garage and converted his Jeep YJ's former leaf spring suspension to coil springs.
kit.jpg Performance Distributors 4.0 Firepower Ignition
Performance Distributors has now expanded their product line to include the 4.0 Firepower Ignition System. The system offers increased power, fuel mileage and durability.
Full Traction Suspension's New Shackle Reversal Kit for Jeep Wranglers
Full Traction Suspension has come out with a completely bolt on shackle reversal kit for Jeep Wranglers that requires absolutely no welding or drilling for installation.
Jacobs Omni Magnum Ignition System on a Jeep Wrangler
A review of Jacobs' Omni Magnum Ignition system on a 1990 Jeep Wrangler
JandL Roll Cage for Wranglers (YJ)
This kit provides Wrangler owners an easy upgrade for the OEM roll-cage.
Kilby rack Kilby Enterprises Inside Rack for Jeeps
This rack is unlike traditional 4x4 storage solutions such as overhead carriers, rear racks, or interior storage boxes. Kilby's rack mounts inside the back of a Jeep to provide a sturdy platform for additional secure storage.
Kilby Enterprise York Kits
The engine driven York compressor is the probably best package for on-board air. Brad Kilby Enterprises sells kits for 1987 to Present Wranglers along with some Cherokee Kits. There are different kits for applications with A/C and those without. The York compressor is able to produce 5 CFM and up depending on the Rpm's of the engine, making it one of the quickest ways to air up at the end of the trail.
Kolak Exhaust for the WJ
Anton Cabellon gives his 4.7L Grand Cherokee V-8 a new sound with a 3" Kolak cat-back exhaust system. The system includes a Car Sound high-flow catalytic converter, a Flowmaster 70 Series muffler, and a Mike Leach mandrel bent exhaust pipe.
/jeep/reviews/Mastercraft02/tn_DSCN1359.jpg Mastercraft Jeep Seats
We pass countless hours of our lifetime sitting in our trucks and spend large amounts of money on making them suit our needs. We modify them to run better, but how many of us have spent anything on improving our own comfort? We're talking about that thing you place your rear on: your seat.
MORE Shackle Reversal and Buggy Leaf
When the new Jeep Wrangler TJ came out in 1997 a whole lot of us with older Wrangler YJs developed a serious case of envy. Suddenly we were seeing new TJs with off-the-rack suspension lift kits scoring over the vaunted 1000 mark on the RTI ramp. Never fear, like any riverboat gambler we still have a few tricks up our sleeves, and there are still ways to coax a bit more performance out of the old leaf springs.

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