Jeep Air Intake Conversion Short Cuts

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By: Randy L. Wheeler - 3/2002

Upgrade your air intake with a customized set up!

Turbo City's Hi-Flow Air Filter (part No. 550-457)

Ever notice where the air intake port is on a Jeep YJ?  It's located beneath the drivers side headlamp at a height that makes it pretty vulnerable to water intrusion during deep water crossings.   I've tried modifying the stock air box by installing a 2-inch PVC tube in place of the stock air intake tube, but this seemed to really restrict the air flow into the box. After seeing some aftermarket "air tubes", I decided I wanted to upgrade my air intake system on my 1991 YJ, similar to what the aftermarket systems offer but at a fraction of the cost.  I contacted Turbo City and ordered one of their Hi-Flow Air Filters (part number 550-457).

Installation of this custom air intake required modifying a stock TJ air tube, drilling and tapping a 1/4-inch fitting for the vent tube, re-routing the primary vent tube to the PCV valve and fabricating a support bracket for the air tube.


1. Stock TJ air tube, cut to length
2. Hi-Flow Air Filter
3. 1/4-inch threaded adapter
4. 3 ft. of 3/8-inch OD high temperature air line
5. 3 ft. of 1/4-inch OD high temperature air line
6. Air tube support bracket (fabricated)


Start by removing the stock air box and tubing from the vehicle.  Retain the rubber slip couplers for the vent tubes. The rest can be boxed up and saved for when you may need to get the vehicle smog'd again.

1. Cut the stock TJ air tube to the desired length.

2. Mount the air tube onto the throttle body using a band clamp.

3. Measure and cut the tubing length for the vent hoses. On my '91 YJ, the stock air box uses two hoses, unlike the TJ where only one hose is used (thus the reason for the threaded adapter).

4. Remove the air tube and drill a 3/8-in hole in the side of the air tube and install a 1/4-inch threaded adapter.

5. Mount the Hi-Flow Air filter to the air tube and install the air tube to the throttle body.

6. Install the vent tubes using the stock rubber couplers.

7. Install support bracket.