CJ Shock Tower Drain
CJ Shock Tower Drain Short Cuts
by: Jim O'Brien

Crud and Mud
Crud and Mud
Shock tower rust
Check out the rust!
Frame rust
Frame rust
Drain hole drilling
Drain hole drilling
Final Cleaning
Final cleaning
POR-15 applied
POR-15 applied

I recently found and resolved a potential rust area on the front frame rails of my 1983 Jeep CJ7. An area that is often over looked as a collection point for dirt, mud and grime is between the front shock towers and the frame rail. The shock tower is constructed in a channel like manner and when mounted to the frame forms a pocket to catch all manners of debris, with no mechanism to drain. This style shock tower is used on all '82-'86 CJs and some full size Jeeps.

While working on a engine swap I removed the front clip of my 1983 Jeep CJ7 which allowed easy access to the front shock towers on my Jeep. As I was working in and around the front frame rails I noticed that mud was packed in between the shock mount and frame.

Of course, this is a recipe for the evil of all Jeep evils, RUST! I decided to clean this right then and there. I removed both shock towers from the frame. by removing the 3 bolts holding each shock tower. There was considerable rust in the shock tower and on the frame rails. Using a wire brush, and a small ball peen hammer I cleaned all the heavy crud from the towers and the frame.

After cleaning, I drilled a 3/8" hole near the bottom of each tower (credit to friend Ken Miller for this idea), the idea being to let water, mud, etc. drain from the tower to prevent this heavy build up of dirt, mud and rust in the future.

I used a wire brush on a 4" grinder to clean the heavy rust and scale from the frame and shock tower mounts. Then appled a generous cost of POR-15 to protect the towers and frame to complete the project.

This is a simple and low cost project. It should prevent long term rust damage to the frame and shock towers.

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