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Jeep Technical Fuel System pages cover various aspects of the fuel system of your Jeep including fuel tanks, fuel lines, emission systems, fuel return systems, carburetors, and fuel injection systems.

NWMP 32-Gallon Replacement Gas Tank in a Cherokee XJ
Five gallon Jerry cans are a common accessory on Jeeps. I don't have the room for an extra can on my Cherokee XJ, but I still want the reserve fuel. With a new Northwest Metal Products 32-gallon replacement gas tank from Rocky Road Outfitters, I can carry three extra cans of gas!
DCP_1860.JPG Holley Multi-Point Fuel Pickups and an RCI Fuel Cell
Changes to my Jeep forced me to relocate the gas tank from it's stock location. My solution was to use RCI's 2161A fuel cell behind the back seat, but this left me concerned about fuel starvation on side hills. Holley had the answer with a product that seemed to good to be true.
graft2.jpg Fuel Injection in a CJ-7
Properly setting up fuel lines and a in-tank fuel pump will avoid all sorts of strange problems. Doing it right from the start will keep that fuel injected engine running right in your late model CJ.
midwest_2000.jpg Raise Your Gas Tank
If you've installed a body lift in your Jeep YJ (Thats an 87 to 95 Wrangler), you can create additional ground clearance by raising your gas tank into the room created by the body lift. An additional inch of clearance doesn't seem like much, particularly behind the axle, but there are times when it will help.
15 to 20 Gallon Gas Tank Trick
Jeff Yokomura shows you how to magically turn your 15 gallon Wrangler gas tank into a 20 gallon gas tank. If you have no money, but you can spare half an hour, this modification is for you!
linkage Easy Fix Hurky-Jerky Throttles for Less than $5.00
Does it seem you have to push too hard while starting off, only to have the engine rev too fast and cause a jerky take off? Wouldn't it be nice to have a feather-smooth throttle? Having jerky throttle response is bad enough for day to day street driving, but is downright dangerous on the trail. Tip-toeing gently through a rocky section of trail?
Building a Fuel Tank
I wouldn't recommend to anyone that they build their own fuel tank, but it is possible. It is time consuming and a difficult task.

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