Adjusting Steering Stops
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By: Del Taylor - 4/2000

Adjusting the stop
Tires at full-lock
The steering stop
Location of the steering stop bolt
photo by Terry L. Howe
Adjusting the stop
Adjusting the stop
At play with the new meats
At play with the new meats

Ah!, you just bought those gnarly, wide meats, and you speed down to the local tire shop to have them mounted and balanced. The tire shop slaps them on and backs out your jeep, the drool starts dripping unchecked down your chin. You know now that the obstacle that stopped you last time, has finally met it's match! You fire up your jeep and pull out of the parking lot,heading towards the nearest trail, only to hear ... thump,thump,Thump!! Yep, that's those mondo lugs slapping the leaf springs.

What to do? Well, if your made out of money, you could purchase new wheels with a more negative off-set and backspacing. Another option would be spacers, but they have a questionable reliability about them. The last option, the one discussed in this article, is to adjust your steering stops.


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