Feature Vehicle: Doug Hamel's 93 Montero RS

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Owner : Doug Hamel This truck has been in Doug's idle hands less than a year!

Vehicle: 1993 Mitsubishi Montero LS
Location: Monmouth County, New Jersey

About the Author:
Doug Hamel is a regular on the Mitsubishi Trail Talk Bulletin board, and has been actively seeking out manufacturers to supply Montero owners with more options for aftermarket parts. His latest project is his personal website at www.monterooffroad.com. Doug also attends college, where he can't park his Montero on weekdays!
This truck has received many additions in the short time Doug has had it, one of which is featured prominently here!
This is Doug getting down with "rock and roll"
Captain's "Log": Beam me up Scotty

Doug's Montero began its transition into the truck it is now early last January. It was was bought at a local Honda dealer for a steal, and a free warranty that was quickly voided.

Let the Mod's Begin...Since buying the truck, Doug has spent time increasing it's trail-worthiness. The first mod purchased was an ARB bullbar. This was in owing to the huge population of local deer, and the fact that he totalled his last car on said animal.

For those who are interested in purchasing an ARB for a generation II, or basically a 93, it is not as easy as it seems. ARB does not actually make a bumper to fit the 93, so a bumper for a Montero Generation I was purchased for at 4x4connection.com. Once the bumper had arrived, the inside mounts were torched off, and new, beefier mounts were installed. A quick trip was made to the machine shop for some angle grinding of the new mounts and the bar was installed.

It was a "Good Year" for tires...The next mod was the tires. Goodyear MTR's were chosen because of the mix of terrain that the Monty sees. The biggest tires that could be installed were 33X12.50's. The MTRs work great in the mud, sand, and rocks; with the LSD they make a great combo. They have been super tough. Doug has lost two wagon wheels to rocks, without a rip in the MTRs. The tires are tougher than the steel rims they are mounted on!

Suspension tweaks...To accommodate the bigger tires the torsion bar were cranked roughly 2-1/2 inches, to reduce rubbing. Although this has reduced offroad travel, it makes the truck handle very well on the road. The stock bump stops were all trimmed down, and since the truck is currently only used as a trail rig, the rear swaybar was removed. The front also comes off at the trailhead.

More Significant Details Hella Commet 550's light the way on the trail, and a set of IPF 800 130 watters are in a box in the garage. But undoubtedly the best mod on the truck is the air system. The Montero contains a 20lb high pressure CO2 tank from independent4x.com. The tank airs the 33's from 10 psi all the way back up to 35 psi in about a minute. The same tire would have cost an arm and a leg at a quarter operated pump, and about 10-15 minutes. A full tank will get about 30 fills out of the 33's, from 12 psi to 35 psi. The tank also runs the a collection of air tools (no sense in fighting with a bolt in the mud when an air gun can get it in about two seconds). The tank will also be used later to power the pending ARB locker. The tank was priced great, and the service from independent4x was superb.

Future Plans The truck is not even close to being done. Later this month an ECB snorkel and roof rack from ECBusa.com is being installed on the Montero. Doug is purchasing an ARB rear locker and is going to attempt the install himself. Boulder bars, a body lift, rear bumper, and gas tank skid will soon follow. He is currently working with his fabricator to make new trailing arm bushings, to facilitate flexing better, and a drop lift may be on the horizon.

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