Feature Vehicle: Guy Dewitte's 89 "Engineered for Dodge" Pajero

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Photographer: Guy Dewitte | Author: Phil Hansford

December 12, 2000

Owner : Guy Dewitte The Beauty of this Truck is in the Details

Vehicle: 1989 Raider, rebadged "Pajero"
Location: Mass, USA

Guy's fabulous toolbox was featured in a previous "Mitsubishi Projects" article.
Guy has his GPS at arms length, but it doesn't interfere with any of the vital controls in the dash.



  • 1989 V6 Dodge Raider
  • rebadged as a "Mitsubishi Pajero" (with the help of some overseas friends)
  • Hella 500's
  • Thule Roof Rack
  • 31" Tires on 7" rims
  • Custom rear toolbox
  • Custom rear side-facing/ folding jump seat
  • Console-mounted Garmin e-TREX  GPS
  • Sunroof (Guy installed it himself!)
  • Custom lumbar support in the driver's seat (using medical supplies and and air bulb!!)

This 1989 Dodge Raider is a great example of how a person with ingenuity can take what they have and make it suit any purpose. 

Custom Side-Facing Rear Jump Seats

After Guy decided he'd like to have more than one passenger, without losing all his cargo space with the standard rear mini-bench, he set out to make a custom rear folding jump-seat. His goal was to minimize space intrusion. As you can tell by the pictures, Guy's latest project was a success.

The rear seat folds out of the way, without eating up cargo space
The custom seat looks OEM, and even the upholstery matches.
The jump-seat is quickly ready for action, by simply folding it down.

This Shiny Truck Gets Used! 

This truck, despite its shine, gets plenty of hard use in Guy's home state of Massachusetts, as well as surrounding areas in the Northeastern US. Check out "Trailshots" for more details and pictures of where Guy takes this truck.

Climbing a slippery slope in the woods
Boulder avoidance is no easier with a GPS!
The IFS gets a little workout on a Maine trail

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