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doug_h/tn_log.jpg This month's Featured Mitsu
Doug Hamel's 1992 Generation II Mitsubishi Montero RS

Alan McIntyre's 93 Pajero Editorial: Montero Is SUV History
A cult following of compact SUVs reflects the ever changing designs and types now available in the United States and overseas. Mitsubishi has established itself as a major player in this SUV uproar as evident by its strong history thatÂ’s not well known to many folks. (Brandon Bruun)


Editorial: The Evolution of the Mitsubishi SUV
The Mitsubishi SUV is renowned for its durability, endurance, and innovation around the world. This reputation has been cemented by Mitsubishi's continual domination at such grueling events as the Paris-Dakar Rally.  But how did a vehicle with such humble beginnings develop into the current luxury SUV which sits near the top of the luxury market?)

Mitsubishi Trail Reports

A First-timer's Trip to the Rubicon Trail A First-timer's Trip to the Rubicon Trail
Ever considered doing the Rubicon in your almost-stock truck? So did Don Huysmans: Follow along with Don, as he makes his first attempt at this renowned trail, and shares his unique perspective of this often over-exposed trail.

PEI Mudrooters 4x4 A Montero enters the PEI Mudrooters 4x4 Rally
Join me as I compete in the PEI Mudrooters 4x4 competitions with my 89 Montero. I attempt the Hill-Climb, the Offroad Slalom, and the 100 Foot Mud-Pit! Check out the action in Prince Edward Island, Canada!

A First-timer's Trip to the Rubicon Trail
Washington Winter MitZOO Trail Run
Doug Miller, along with a group of intrepid Mitzubishi and Izusu owners got together for a winter snow run at the Seven Mile OHV area in Washington State. This is winter wheeling fun at its best!

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