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Custom Receiver Using OE Mounting Holes Short Cuts

Author: Kirk Hillebrand | Editor Phil Hansford

December 11, 2000

An "Off-Roadable" Hitch, Which Bolts up to the OEM Hitch Platform

Kirk's hitch bolts up to the existing holes using allen-head capscrews 
The tongue is easily removed, with a low- profile receiver left

Kirk Hillebrand (aka Cap'n Kirk) just completed a proto type of this receiver:
 "It uses a standard stinger (that is available almost anywhere)  so I can purchase one with the correct drop for the application.  It has a 3500 lb rating and [an estimated] 300 lb tongue weight max. The receiver is shorter in order to be more off-road friendly. 

Editor's Note: 4x4Wire does not certify, nor can we be responsible for untested designs. We suggest caution when designing and/or using any product whose failure can cause serious injury, especially where it pertains to towing, seatbelts, steering and braking systems.

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