Project: DIY Gas-tank skidplate Short Cuts
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Photographer/Designer: Dave Philips | Author/Editor: Phil Hansford August 1, 2001

Dave's drawing details the measurements of the new skidplate
Dave is no longer worried about making his tank "smaller" on the trail

Dave Philips, AKA "Mudmaster", wanted a skidplate that wouldn't bend under the weight of his truck while hitting the trails around Virginia, North Carolina and other areas. Dave's Raider is an 87 2.6l, so it would be wise to double-check your measurements if you are driving the V6 version. This was made for the SWB platform.

To build Mudmaster's skidplate, you need some 3/16" steel, a length of 1" angle iron, and a little welding proficiency. Dave's drawing provides all the necessary measurements to make the skid. Dave originally made the armour to fit over the stock piece, but he plans to adjust the height of the front and back sections to tighten up the tolerances after removing the old plate. This will result in a lower profile tank.

Caution: Whenever welding near a gastank, always do a thorough precheck to ensure that the tank is not leaking. Also keep an appropriate fire extinguisher on hand, just in case.

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