Mitsubishi Projects: DIY Toolbox Short Cuts

Author/ Designer/ Photographer: Guy DeWitte, May 21, 2000. Editor: Phil Hansford

A Stout Storage Solution For the 2 Door Montero/Raider
tn_guytoolbox.jpg (6842 bytes)
The toolbox, with hatches open. When closed, it looks like part of the truck.

This toolbox was made for the 2 door with rear seat removed.    However,  the rear section can be made separate and fits perfectly, even with the rear seat in upright position. The rear section flares out a bit just enough to fit snug against the wheel wells.  This allows the box to remain in place without any movement forward in the event of a sudden stop or crash.

Build Details

The Plans

tn_3d_view.jpg (4467 bytes)
3D View: This gives an idea of how the doors open from the sides, top and back of the toolbox.
tn_back_view.jpg (4810 bytes)
Rear View: two com- partments can be clearly seen in the actual picture at the top of the page.
tn_drivers_side_view.jpg (2741 bytes)
This shows the toolbox from the driver's side: Note the access through the side windows.
tn_top_view.jpg (5363 bytes)
The Top View: Notice how the rear section is slightly flared (3") to keep it against the wheel wells.

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