Product Review: Fumoto Quick Oil Drain Valve Short Cuts
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Author/Photographer: Doug H Editor: Phil Hansford - Oct 25, 2001

"You will ask yourself why you didn't think of this sooner?"

We all know the Montero and Montero sports have their strong points, and sometimes their weak points. One of the things you come to live with if you own a Montero or another model is the horrible design of the oil pan. If you have ever changed the oil yourself on a Mitsubishi you will understand. The drainplugs as situated in the corner of oilpan and a very strange angle. To make things worse the way the drain is placed it is up above the oil level when the oil starts lowering as the fluid volume lowers. This eventually leads to the oil seeping out, spattering outside the drain pan, or dripping onto crossmembers or other parts.

valve closeup
This little device can save a lot of hassle!
One solution is to jack up one side of the truck. Then when you finally get the drain plug out you are treated to a nice flood of 3,000-mile old oil on you arms, tools, and face. Your driveway will also be on the receiving end of a puddle from the torrent of oil that will overshoot the drainpan by at least a foot.

To solve this problem I turned to truck and tractor, or, a genI parts dealer. The site offers a permanent replacement for the stock oil drainplug. It consists of a threaded valve that is similar to a gas valve. It has a spring loaded locking mechanism that is designed to remain closed even with a huge amount of vibration from the engine. It is offered with or without a nipple end. Get the nipple end type, even if you do not hook a hose to the nipple, it still directs the flow of oil, and lowers dripping. Installation is simple as it could get. Run the engine a little to stir up the contaminants in the pan, clench your teeth, and be prepared to get one last splash in the face, and oil on the road. Good, do a dance, because you will never have to deal with this flaw of Mitsubishi engineering ever again. It is nice to win.

valve closeup
Here is the installed valve, totally out of harm's way.
Clean off the threads that go into the pan, and check that there isn't any grit in the threads. The drain is supposed to come with a pressed material seal to go between the plug, mine did not have one, I'll give truck and tractor a break on this and assume it fell off the table during packaging. Instead I chose to use one of the crushable seals that we use normally, the metal ones the dealer gives you with a new oil filter. Tighten it up with an adjustable wrench until it is nice and tight, as you will never have to take it out again, but be careful not to strip the threads by over tightening.

The end result is great. You will ask yourself why you didn't think of this sooner. Just turn the valve lever, and go have a cold one. If only changing the oil filter was this easy, whose idea was it to put it over the front axle any way?

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