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Feature Articles

Coveted factory locker Mitsubishi Factory Air Locker Retrofit
Wish your GenII came from the factory with the rear Mitsu Locker? Well stop dreaming; Here's how you put one in your truck.

Dons Pajero on 31s Wheel Tire Fitment FAQs, GenI
Don Huysmans demystifies the wheel tire combos that will fit on a GenI Montero/Pajero.

Parts list Changing the Lower Intake Plenum on a 1995 Montero SR with 3.5L DOHC
Richard Myatt does the unthinkable - He dismantles and fixes the ubiquitous lower intake plenum on a Mitsubishi 3.5l V6. Not for the faint of heart, this comprehensive article covers EVERYTHING you'll need to know to tackle this daunting project. Augmented with plenty of photos, you might find yourself actually doing this repair, after you read this one!

Inhibitor Switch Salvaging the Inhibitor Switch
After experiencing a "no-start" problem with his automatic transmission Montero, Jay Ayala decided to investigate his Inhibitor Switch, sometimes referred to as a neutral safety switch. Here is what he did to get his working like new again.
Trailing Arm Trailing arm fix
Ray Sala goes through the basics of strengthening the weak area of the trailing arm, on a coil sprung GenI Montero. An ounce of prevention in this case can save your truck's suspension!
CV boot Inner CV Boot Replacement
Alex Kogan tackles a project that many of us with larger tires, cranked t-bars and shaved bumpstops will someday have to face: torn CV boots.

Spec Sheets

tn_montero_engine.jpg (8753 bytes)

The Mitsubishi Engine
From the venerable 2.6 4 cylinder, to the sophisticated 3.5l V6, the engine has always been a strong point of this durable vehicle. This Spec Sheet compares the engine in its various configurations, in terms of displacement, power ratings, etc.

Minute Mods

Pulley 		Replacement Replacing a Noisy Tensioner Pulley on the 3.0l V6
In our quest for noise-free operation, we replace a noisy tensioner pulley which has developed a nasty squeal from its bearings. This minutemod takes a minimum of tools, and can be accomplished in an hour or less.

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