Mitsubishi Tech: Installing an ARB Compressor in a GenII Montero Short Cuts
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Author/Photographer: Kirk MacLean
March, 2002

Subject Vehicle: Generation II (92-2000) Montero/Pajero

image01.jpg image02.jpg
Looks like it was made for a compressor The compressor's new home

A few months ago, Ray Sala showed us how to install an ARB compressor in a Gen I Montero. This month Kirk MacLean shows us how to do the same thing in a Gen II. Kirk assures us that he left the locker install itself to the "professionals". If you are ambitious enough to try it yourself, check out Jay Riggs how-to article on installing the ARB air Locker.

The first thing I did for this project was decide where to mount the compressor. The best spot I found was on the passenger side, up against the side wall. After I marked and drilled the holes I inserted four riv-nuts (They are a little hard to see in the picture). Then I simply bolted the compressor in place.

Next I figured out where to run the wires. There is a large rubber grommet on the passenger side that opens up behind the glove box. That was perfect. There was a nice spot just to the right of the steering wheel that had two empty switch cutouts.

image03.jpg image04.jpg
Wires, wires everywhere! Looks better when put back together

There are two wires that need to be connected to power from the wiring harness. One goes to the ignition. The other needs to attach to the dash lights. I found two wires that I needed on the connector to the radio and I tapped in there. There is a gotcha here though. I found a wire where the voltage changed when I turned the dimmer, Good, right? Wrong. When the voltage was at 12v the dash lights are dim when the voltage was very low the dash lights are bright. Argh Who thought this up? So the lights on the two switches are always on bright even when the dash lights are dim. Oh well I can live with it.

The switches were a little too small for the holes so I cut holes in the plugs, which were in the dash, with my dremmel and used those to secure the switches.
It wasnt too hard to trace the wiring.
Isnt it cool? All the lights light up.

On my Gen II there is a little picture in the dash of the four wheels, center and rear diff with lights that go on depending on whats locked and whats not. I wanted the light to go on for the rear diff when I engaged it. I traced the circuit on the back of the instrument cluster to the correct wire an connector then I cut that wire and connected it to the locker switch. I tested it all when the key was in the accessory position. However when I started the car the light would not work.

It turns out that the switched side of all the lights on the dash is negative. Argh Not one to be beaten by some silly electrical problem I decided to hook-up a relay so that when I flipped the locker switch the relay would supply 12v to the light. It worked. I used one of the Radio Shack 30A auto relays. Its a little bit of over kill but its what I could find at 8:30 pm.

I inserted the 5mm blue airline into a clear plastic hose to protect it from the elements. I then ran the line from the compressor across the top rear of the engine compartment then down the left side. All the brake lines run down the left frame rail so it was easy to tie-wrap the airline to the brake lines. Then I left a foot of extra line and tied it up to the frame to await the professionals to install the locker. Good thing I had some slack in the line because the end worked lose, hit the muffler and melted off about a foot of line. Oops.

image08.jpg image09.jpg
Hose in engine. Down the left side. Hose connected to locker. I think it needs more slack though.

That's it - you have successfully installed an ARB air compressor. Now all you have to do is get the locker installed, or Do it yourself

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