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Fixing the "Steering Wheel Squeal" Short Cuts

Author: Phil Hansford; Photographer: Joe Micciche. May 22, 2000


Getting Rid of That Annoying Scrape When the Wheel Turns
tn_steering2.jpg (11346 bytes)
Turning the wheel elicits a squeal from the steering wheel itself

In both my Raiders, I have been annoyed by a phenomena which is reminiscent of scraping your nails down a chalkboard: the contact for the horn scrapes as the wheel turns, and the result is a squeaking, scraping noise.

The Required "Tools"

This is a fix that requires the most common of bathroom tools. That's right, bathroom tools. You will need a cotton swab, and some petroleum jelly.

tn_wheel.jpg (8065 bytes)
The application point is between the wheel and the steering column.

If you look very closely, you can see the contact that provides power to the horn pad. Simply dip the swab in the jelly, and apply liberally to the area between the steering wheel and the steering column (see the yellow arrow). Turn the wheel back and forth a few times, and the noise should be gone. (If this is too complicated, simply put the swab in your ear: then you won't hear anything!)

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