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Full-Lock Steering Grind Short Cuts

Author: Philip Hansford, April 25, 2000.

Applicable Vehicle: Any Mitsubishi SUV/ pickup with independent front suspension

The Mitsubishi SUV has a recirculating ball-type steering, which usually provides years of maintenance-free operation.  One gripe many people have as the vehicle gets older, however, is a loud scraping noise which emanates from the front-end when the wheel is fully turned to one side or the other.  This sound is very loud, quite disconcerting, but very easy to eliminate.

The culprit is the steering stop, which comes from the factory with a rubber cap over the metal protrusion.  When the wheel is turned all the way, this rubber "bumper" absorbs the friction.   As the vehicle ages this rubber bumper wears away, leaving the metal underneath exposed.  The end result is metal-to-metal contact at full rotation, which announces itself as a loud scrape or grinding noise.

The Fix

tn_steering_stop.jpg (7472 bytes)
The steering stop is highlighted in yellow

This problem is easily eliminated with the liberal application of heavy grease (wheel bearing or axle grease is good). Rub the grease on both steering stops with your finger, and simply drive away (It will look like a beat up yellowish rubber cap over a castellated nut).

Including this spot in your chassis lube regimen is a good way to keep this noise from popping up again.

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