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Tailpipe fix Short Cuts

Author: Phil Hansford. August 26, 2000


"Laying Pipe" on the Trail


tn_sketch.jpg (6558 bytes)
Extreme approach angles will crush a low-hanging tailpipe very quickly.
tn_tailpipe1.jpg (7189 bytes)
This tired tailpipe is one hill away from being flattened.

When you get your tailpipe replaced (a definite eventuality if you do any wheeling at all!) muffler shops often leave an inch or so extending beyond the bumper. Not only does this destroy the smooth fluid lines of your 4x4, but it can lead to problems on the trail. Making this problem even worse is the fact that the tailpipe may even hang down below the bumper and inch or more. This can severely hamper your approach angle.

Tapered Tail

If you have already dragged your tail on the trail, you know that a thin-walled length of tubing is no match for the weight of your vehicle: The first time you drag it on the ground, it either damages the hangers, breaks away from the muffler, or, worse case scenario, the end end gets flattened. The last possibility is not good for your engine, and has to be addressed before you can drive away.

This can very easily be avoided by taking one extra step, after you leave the muffler shop (or get them to do it, if they are agreeable). Take a cut-off wheel (or, if you have lots of time, a hacksaw), and with the obligatory protective eyewear in place, cut the end of your tailpipe off, on a sharp angle. Obviously, the tapered end should face the ground.

The next time you drag your tailpipe on the ground, only the upper end will contact, if at all. This will allow you to use your vehicle's approach angle to its maximum. Now what about that dragging bumper...?

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