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StinkyLinks Suspension Links Press Release: StinkyFab Custom Off Road Creations

Are you tired of your formerly straight lower suspension links looking like this?

Introducing StinkyFab's StinkyLinks Suspension Links
For 92+ Trooper and 98+ Rodeo/Amigo

Do ledges and boulders constantly drag against your stock lower links, bending and even breaking them? StinkyFab has your solution: the new StinkyLinks Suspension Links will solve these problems. Much beefier than the stock Isuzu pieces they replace, StinkyLinks also come in two versions: a straight heavy-duty replacement link, or a bent link that increases ground clearance and helps keep these links off the rocks. StinkyFab also offers two different styles of joints on the StinkyLinks: a polyurethane bushing like the stock link, but with firmer poly for better durablity; or a Rubicon Express Superflex Joint for greasable and rebuildable improved articulation.

Here are three of the different styles of StinkyLinks (the straight link with RE joints is not pictured) along with a VERY used stock link -- it shipped from the factory as a straight link!
Side-by-side link comparo: the StinkyLinks (right) are larger in diameter and have double the wall thickness -- no question about the increase in strength over the stockers (left)!

StinkyFab designed StinkyLinks to tuck up high into the body, with the the bend providing as much clearance in front of the tire as possible so you are much less likely to drag your new links across the rocks.

These beefy links replace your flimsy stock lower suspension links on 92-and-newer Isuzu Troopers, and 98 and newer Isuzu Amigo/Rodeo/Rodeo Sports. If you're tired of bending or breaking your stock links then this is the cure. StinkyFab offers these links in 4 different styles to suit your needs and budget.

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