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StinkyLinks Suspension Links Press Release: StinkyFab Custom Off Road Creations

StinkyFab's StinkyLinks Suspension Links
For 92+ Trooper and 98+ Rodeo/Amigo

By: Gilbert Escamilla

I had been having problems with my rear lower suspension links on my trooper for a long time, constantly bending them while climbing rocks and ledges, and when I found out that Dallas at StinkyFab was planning on building some heavy duty links I just had to have 'em. I made an appointment and dropped my truck off for Dallas to use as a prototype for the new StinkyLinks that he had in mind. When I came back, he had just finished building the first set of links and I got to help him install them. It was quite an easy install and just about anyone that knows their way around a toolbox should be able to do it. StinkyFab is now making these StinkyLinks with either poly bushings or RE Superflex Joints, and in straight or high clearance bent styles. They are also available for you second-gen Rodeo and Amigo guys as well.

We started by jacking up the rear end of the truck and safely supporting it with jackstands then removing the rear wheels. Working on one side at a time we then removed the emergency brake cable retaining clip from the stock link with a 10mm wrench. Then we used a breaker bar with a 19mm socket to loosen the 2 bolts at the ends of the link and pulled the old bent-up link out.

I opted for the RE joints, because they are fully greasable, rebuildable, and offer much more flex than a standard rubber or poly bushing. We had to grease these joints up before installing the link. We then slid each link up into place, and secured them in place with the stock bolts. Once everything was properly torqued, we put the wheels back on, put the truck back on the ground and went for a drive.

Unfortunately there wasn't any convenient spot to go wheelin nearby, but we did find this little wall to play on. All the clearances looked good, and even with the bend there is plenty of room for articulation without the link hitting anything on the frame or body. On the road I really couldn't feel much difference, though it does feel a little bit tighter in high speed curves and on ramps. I can't wait to take 'em out on the dirt and beat 'em up to see if I can hurt 'em. I doubt it though, these things are BEEFY. They are larger in diameter than the stock links, and are twice as thick as well, plus with the added clearance under the center of the link I'm not sure I'll even be able to hit 'em on anything. Over all I think these links are a great product and are greatly needed for anyone that wheels their late model Isuzu.

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