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By: Jeff Yokomura - 3/2001

Like many projects, this one came from necessity. For some reason, I have a knack of dragging my rear differential on rocks. Doesn't matter how big or small it was. It could have been burried and I'd find it. It never became a big problem but did leave some scars on the bottom of my Dana 35c's housing and cover. While on the trail I've seen a few trucks slam their differential covers right into rocks, denting the covers. Not only are the differential covers in danger but also the gears and carrier. If you think about it the only thing protecting your axle's innards from a rock or stump are a few fractions of a inch worth of stamped steel.

About a year ago a friend was trying to push these new differential guards. I liked the design but still passed them up for other priorities. Good thing too, I had swapped the rear axle housing for a Dana 44 a while back. (See Big Beef Axle Supreme) Well, Christmas was near and as usual, I had no clue what I wanted. I ended up making arrangements with Brad Kilby from Kilby Enterprise to hold some differential guards for me. Turns out my Sister wanted to know what I wanted and said if it's for the Jeep, just order it and tell me where to pay. So Santa left me some FourXDoctor Diff guards.

The guards came sealed in plastic bags. Inside each were new bolts, washers and some instructions. The quality of the welds and finish looked good. To install them, all that was needed was to remove the five lower bolts from the differential cover. It is a good idea not to move the cover too much or it may start to leak. The rear Dana 44 was a snap to install. All the holes lined up perfectly. I had started off with the outer bolts and worked my way in. It's probably good to install the bolts loosely at first then once they're all in tigthen them all down to make sure all the holes line up.

I ran into a some problems installing the front with the hole alignment. I tighten the bolts too soon and the last bolt did not want to go in. I took it apart and started over the right way. Still the guard didn't sit perfectly flush but I tigntened the bolts down all the way and then it sat flush. Because of the fumbling I had loosened the cover which is exactly what I didn't want to to. It was only a little drip forming on the sides but they went away after the guard was bolted up.

I haven't had the pleasure of trying it out. But I can happily say, I'm ready for it -- now that I have these heavy duty diff guards.

Here is the Dana 30 with the FourXDoctor diff guard. The rear Dana 44 diff guard protects a good portion of the diff cover.


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  • FourXDoctor
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  • Kilby Enterprise
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    Fax 818-848-2974

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