Rock Monkey Rubicon Video Review
Rock Monkey Rubicon Video Review Short Cuts
By: John Nutter

Rock Monkey Videos, Rubicon Video Review

S.N.O.R.T., Island Rock Crawlers and Pirates of the Rubicon team up for a hardcore rock crawling video.

Rock Monkey Videos has produced a video that really shows the Rubicon as it is. The trail footage is excellent and the large trucks are nicley offset by the larger boulders. This is one of the few videos I've seen that accuratley portrayed the nature of the trail. Unlike some other Rubicon videos, you won't see any evidence of stacking rocks on this video. Another thing you won't see is show-trucks taking the easy lines over the big-name obstacles. Lance Clifford from the Pirates of the Rubicon Guided S.N.O.R.T. and the Island Rock Crawlers to make sure they found the hard lines on the big obstacles.

This video isn't for those with delicate sensibilities. The sound track has some four letter words. There is also some sophomoric humor thrown in for no apparent reason. One notable example is when the camera man happens upon Lance Clifford relieving himself and feels compelled to roll film. Another is when the camera man tries to shoot video of a woman drying off after a swim (she is clothed). While making some fairly crude comments, he is seen by her and her friends and runs away with the camera still rolling. The Rock Monkey web page has warnings to this effect. The video also comes packaged with an appropriate warning, and there is another warning on the label. There should be little confusion for people who are easily offended.

This is a very good video aside from the few scenes that could have been edited out. The video was clearly shot with a high quality camcorder. The trucks are also impressive and the drivers are skilled at finding the difficult lines and driving them with ease. There is also no annoying music laid over the sounds of the trail. You get to hear the tires on the rocks, crunching sheetmetal and even the bad lifter in the Scout II's engine. There is also noticably little boring footage shot between obstacles. Little Sluice and Old Sluice were covered particularly well as were several other obstacles whose name wasn't given in the video.

The video runs just over an hour and is worth watching more than once. It's a cut above the quality of most home videos. Only the few seconds of junvenile humor detract from the excellent rock crawling footage, leaving me wondering why they couldn't edit just a bit. I have been informed that future Rock Monkey videos will see more editing in this area.


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