Product Review: Rock Dancer Products Custom Fairleads

By: Randy Wheeler

For those looking to add a bit of uniqueness to your front end, the last place you'd think of would be to the fairlead of your winch.  Basically, there are two types of fairleads available:  the roller fairlead and the hawse fairlead.  The roller fairlead uses four rollers that help guide the winch cable on angled pulls. This fairlead typically extends beyond the bumper about 3.25-inches.  The other type of fairlead, the hawse fairlead, is a slimmer version, but without the rollers.  The hawse fairlead is constructed from a single piece of metal with a gradual radius machined into the face.  The radius cut functions much like the rollers on a roller fairlead, reducing the stress on the winch cable, yet it's much slimmer and lighter weight.

RKDGZJP is bad to the bone...

Up until now, there hasn't been much variety in fairleads.  So what is a person to do to dress up the front end of your winch?  Install one of Rock Dancer Products new custom hawse fairleads. These fairleads are CNC machined out of a single piece of 6061-T6 Aluminum and measure in at a thin 1"x4"x12".  The pre-drilled bolt holes are 10-inches on center and come with a set of hex bolts to secure the fairlead to the winch plate.

Display1.JPG (23282 bytes)

The complete line of custom fairleads

Bob Rice at Rock Dancer Products has designed a complete line of custom fairleads in a variety of designs and shapes.  From the stylish "Hot Lips" to the "Chevy Bow Tie" fairlead, Bob has a design that is sure to fit most any style.

So when it came to selecting a design for the front of my jeep, what better for "Rockdogz" jeep than the "Dog Bone" fairlead. It was just too appropriate!

Installation of the fairlead is a straightforward process. First you have to remove the winch hook (for cable set-ups) or the winch rope (for those using the braided line application), remove the old fairlead, slide the cable through the fairlead and  install the Rock Dancer Products fairlead.  Each fairlead comes with a set of hex bolts for easy installation. If the mounting holes on your winch plate are too large for the supplied hex bolts, use a large washer and a nut to secure the fairlead to the winch plate.  The new custom Aluminum fairleads look great, are functional and provide a nice way to dress up the front end of your winch.  To prolong the life of your fairlead, it's recommended that you use rope instead of steel cable.

If you're looking for a custom fairlead, give Bob a call at Rock Dancer Products.

DogBone3_lg.jpg (21904 bytes) Hot Lips Hoolihan has nothing on these lips! Bad to the Bone...

Rock Dancer Products Custom Fairleads



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