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Maintenance: Discovery I Front Wheel Bearing Service
Servicing the wheel bearings on any 4x4 is required maintenance, and needs to be done frequently for vehicles wheeled hard or exposed to plenty of water and mud. This article covers front wheel bearing service on a Discovery I, and how to remove a wheel bearing welded to the spindle.

Maintenance: 1996 Discovery Fuel Pump Replacement
Replacing the fuel pump on a 4.0L V8 Discovery is a straightfoward job, but one which requires extreme caution. This is a how-to on replacing the pump.

Tech: Spring and Shock Install on Discovery I
Installing new coil springs and shocks on a Discovery is relatively straightforward due to the simple suspension design. This spring and shock how-to article walks you through the installation of new OME coils and shocks on a Discovery I.

Review: SilBlade Replacement Wiper Blades
Not all wiper blades are created equally! The SilBlade replacement wiper blades are made of a highly-pure silicone rubber, which works better than normal rubber blades while providing much longer service life.

Interior: Rear Jumpseat Removal
Removing the rear jumpseats from a Discovery offers up extra storage space at the expense of passenger capacity (although the seats are an inhumane place for passengers). Use this article as a guide to remove, or even install, the rear jumpseats.