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Exhausting Options

JBA Performance Exhaust HeaderOkay, the vibration was stopped.  New motor mounts in place, it was time to tackle the exhaust header.  The 4.0L engine is prone to exhaust header issues.  And, the exhaust is a critical part of an engine.  You can improve performance of an engine by increasing air flow through the engine.  Basically, the hot exhaust gases need to go somewhere.  Why not through clean bends of an aftermarket performance header?

The stock 4.0L exhaust manifold would not place well in an airflow test.  On the other hand, aftermarket headers are tubular and designed for efficient air flow.  

Take your pick.  There are several vendors providing quality products in a variety of price ranges.  Each has their advocates.  Some advocate for ceramic coating.  All agree on tubular construction.

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Air Intake Filter from ORTT

Air Intake Filter

Off Road Trail Tools Announces Clean Cabin Air Intake to Provide Fresh Filtered Air for Jeeps

Tucson, Arizona- January 1, 2009 – Off Road Trail Tools announces the release of their clean air scoop and filter for Jeep Wrangler’s (98-06), Jeep TJ’s, LJ’s and Rubicon’s to provide clean, filtered cabin air.

“Did you know that the air coming into the cabin isn’t filtered? I’ve heard this part being called the part that Jeep forgot to install,” says Tat Marcy, owner of Off Road Trail Tools. “Our primary goal with this intake is to provide occupants with fresh, clean air – free of dust, dirt and debris.”

The simple solution provided by Off Road Trail Tools is a kit that filters out most particulate matter and provides increased air flow. Kit consists of two primary parts – a scoop and a filter. The scoop was designed to fit securely on the cowl of the Jeep. The scoop is manufactured with a high grade polyethylene that resists the sun’s harmful UV rays and is impact resistant. The air filter is comprised of a micro-layer cotton construction with wire mesh, tested to ISO standards. Kit comes complete with mounting hardware and installation tool.

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Motor Mounts and Choices

YJ Motor MountsThere comes a time in the life of engines when items need to be replaced.  Such a time had come for my Wrangler.  It started with a little vibration under acceleration.  With over 130,000 miles, one motor mount was loose and a small leak had developed with the exhaust manifold.

The motor mount was an easy solution: after market or stock.  Actually, that provoked some discussion.  Turns out, the easy choice is not that easy.  While quality aftermarket products are available, they do come with a price.  In this case, it was about two for one.  In other words, I could get two stock motor mounts for less than the cost of one aftermarket motor mount.

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New Light Bar/Grille Guard for JK

MBRP Light Bar/Grille Guard

ONTARIO, CANADA – MBRPinc is proud to introduce new Front Mounted Light Bar/Grille Guard for Jeep JK. Available this holiday season, the tough and functional Light Bar/Grille Guard is a tubular bar with a stylish black powder coat.
Designed for easy installation that does not require removal of the bumper, each bar is pre-drilled for the internal wiring of the lights, and comes with two mounting tabs that will hold lights up to nine inches in diameter.

“At MBRPinc, we are always building prototypes for our own project vehicles,” said Martin Barkey, President, MBRPinc. “Creating tough, functional, stylish tubular accessories to complement our performance exhaust lines was a natural transition for us. We started with Jeep because we know that the off-road and outdoor enthusiasts need reliable functional accessories and also want something that looks great, too.”
About MBRPinc
MBRPinc, the leading performance exhaust manufacturer for snowmobile and diesel light trucks, offers performance exhaust systems and accessories for Ford, Dodge, Chevy/GMC, Toyota, Nissan and Jeep, as well as select applications for luxury vehicles, new-model muscle cars, sport compacts, motorcycles and ATV’s.  For additional information, call MBRPinc toll free at 888-636-7223, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit http://www.mbrp.com.

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Options for the height challenged

Lifting a Wrangler and improving steering for off road and on road performance

Spring-over and High-Steer KitNeed a little extra room to fit those 35 inch tires?  Body lift and spring lift not enough?  So, the decision is down to coil conversion or spring over.  Worried about bump steer and axle wrap?

For the YJ, there is now an option - a spring over lift from Rubicon Express, High Steer System from Terraflex, and a Skyjacker 5th Link.

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