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1991 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4WD, 3.0 Liter, 6 Cylinder

This setup is in my opinion the best bolt on setup on the market. All pieces are engineered to work together and provide excellent handling and off road performance.

Front Setup Rear Setup
OME N72F Front Shocks
OME SD33 Steering Stabilizer
Sway-Away 25mm T-Bars
SDORI 1.5 Ball Joint Spacers
Downey Lower Control Arm Truss
OME N98 Rear Shocks
SDORI Custom 1 Coil Spacers
Downey Pan Hard Bracket
BPV Bracket 3

Front Setup

OME N72F shocks are used up front. The San Diego Off Road Innovations Ball Joint Spacers have made a big difference in the ride quality by allowing the Sway-A-Way 25mm torsion bars to be relaxed. The Downey Front Lower Control Arm Truss is a must. The truss keeps the lower control arms from spreading and helps keep the vehicle in alignment when fully stuffing a front tire. The OME SD33 Steering Stabilizer bolts in place of the factory one using the existing mounts and avoids the cheap brackets or U-bolts found in many aftermarket stabilizer kits.

Rear Setup

OME 901 HD coils and OME N98 shocks are used in the rear. The custom 1 coil spacers were added due to the custom Big Country Customs Rear Bumper w/Tire Carrier, but after adding them, I found it was not really needed. The Downey Rear Pan Hard Bracket allows the axle to come back to center after installing the OME HD901 Springs. Most owners find the rear axle is off to the passenger side by at least after the spirng change. The OME Shocks are engineered to fit in the factory locations with no modifications needed.

Handling and Off Road Performance

This setup provides excellent handling and feel for the vehicle. The ride is outstanding and the off road capabilities are very impressive. With this setup I am able run 33x12.50 Pro Comp X-terrains. This setup not only leveled the vehicle, but also gained about 2 plus inches over stock. When going off road I usually loaded down with well over 500lbs of equipment. Even with that much weight added, the rear does not sag, and I am still able to maneuver off road very well.

Additional Modifications

Additional Modifications include: BCC Rear bumper w/swing-away Tire Carrier and 55w backup lights, ARB front and Rear Lockers, ARB Winch bumper w/Warn m8000 Winch, RockTek Custom Sliders, Bauer Roof Basket, Optima Red Top, (6) 6 55w Driving lights.

Here are some pictures showing the vehicle at different stages and fully loaded on the road and in the dirt.

If you have any questions I would be happy to help you. I am not only an avid Off Road enthusiast I also am a Toyota Parts Director and a Authorized OME/ARB Distributor. You can e-mail me at

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