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The following forums are provided for you by 4x4Wire. Many experienced people, including the staff at 4x4Wire, frequent these forums. This is the place to come with your burning questions. Topics range from (but are not limited to) technical discussions, product experiences, product announcements, vendor experiences, maintenance questions, and trail reports.

Trail Talk BBS Forums

The Trail Talk Bulletin Board System is an online forum you can access through your web browser. You don't have to have email to use this forum. This is a very active forum, and many of the people who frequent this BBS have a great deal of experience to offer you. Click HERE to view the BBS.

Mailing Lists

The newest of our forums is the Toyota Mailing List. This is an email based forum. You must subscribe to the mailing list in order to read and participate in the discussions. The list is available in two flavors. Digest mode offers 1 to 10 (just an estimate of course) emails a day containing the discussion from the list. To subscribe to the list in digest mode, send EMAIL to with the following text in the body of your message: subscribe toyota-digest

Real-time mode will send you one email for each email posted to the list. This may amount to more than 100 emails on a very busy day. Only HEAVY email users should subscribe in real-time mode. To subscribe to the list in real-time mode, send EMAIL to with the following text in the body of your message: subscribe toyota

Check back soon for the addition of our Land Cruiser Mailing List

Mailing List Archives
  Once created, you will find the Digest Archives here

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Red Rock Canyon GP Comments Submitted
by 4x4Wire - 12/09/19 05:33 PM
Hello All!
by B_Line - 12/04/19 04:46 PM
How's everyone doing?
by off-roader - 11/25/19 11:42 PM
With Regrets...
by rxinhed - 11/19/19 04:31 PM
Will Y pipe off 91? Mighty Max v6 fit my 89?
by polar - 11/17/19 06:40 PM
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What part of the country do you live in?
by Mike Bondi - 12/13/19 03:42 PM
Red Rock Canyon GP Comments Submitted
by 4x4Wire - 12/09/19 05:33 PM
How's everyone doing?
by KrzyDav - 12/09/19 09:54 AM
With Regrets...
by JAVYPRO - 12/07/19 02:16 PM
suzi the psychic
by rascott - 12/07/19 05:52 AM
'88 Raider maintenance and modifications
by Bigshankhank - 12/06/19 08:10 PM

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