Hot Toy : Joe Chacon's 1991 Pick-up
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Joe's Pick-up on High Rider Trail, WA

Owner : Joe Chacon Equipment and Modifications:

Vehicle: 1991 Toyota Pick-up
Vehicle name: Locktup
Location: Seattle, Washington
Favorite Trail: Sky High Trial, Washington

Walker Valley ORV park
Elbe Hills ORV park
High Rider Trail
High Rider Trail
  • 22RE Motor
  • MSD6 ignition, tack adapter, wires & coil
  • Custom cross over exchange tube
  • K&N filter
  • Custom snorkel
  • Custom exhaust tucked way up between frame rails
  • Dual Optima Batteries
  • Custom underhood oven
  • Center Force II w/v6 throw out bearing
  • 4:1 AA transfer case gears
  • Gloco long travel front drive shaft
  • Stock rear driveline
  • 1983 Toyota solid front axle
  • 5:29 gears
  • ARB/front, Lincoln locker/rear
  • All Pro wheel spacers
  • FJ80 vented rotors/IFS calipers
  • Custom 3" front spring packs, spring & shackle hangers
  • Custom u-bolt flip
  • Trail Master SSV shocks w/Ford shock mounts
  • 106" wheel base
  • 3" body lift
  • 2" Rear lift springs from NWOR
  • Downey 1" block
  • Custom rear shackles
  • Custom center track bar
  • Rancho 9012's in rear
  • Custom shock mounts
  • Cross over steering
  • Custom steering
  • 8" American Racing alloys
  • 35x12.5 General Grabber MTs
  • XD8000I Warn winch
  • Custom mounted front Smittybuilt bumper
  • XD8000i rear-mounted on custom flat bed
  • Custom transfer case cross member
  • Gas tank moved up 2"
  • Custom nerf bars with skid plates
  • Custom Duplicor paint job
  • SR5 bucket seats
  • Custom hand throttle
  • Smitty Built in-cab roll cage
  • Custom on-board air system using Toyota AC pump
  • Aftermarket guages
  • Custom stick welding kit
  • Cobra CB
  • PIAA 80 series lamps
  • Rock lights
  • Lots of spare parts

Future Modifications:

  • FJ80 High pinion 3rd member
  • Upgrade alternator

Personal Notes from Joe:
Locktup History
I purchased the truck back in 1994 as a stock 91 pickup. I had already planned on making the truck a worthy wheeler. I drove it for about a year before starting modifications. The first thing I did was drop a Gem Top canopy on it for traveling, put some ARE aluminum rims (which are currently still on the truck and have taken some serious abuse over the years), a set of 31" Buckshot mudders, and a True Trac limited slip in the front. I drove it all over the west coast that year, down to Moab, Santa Fe, California and hit some of the mild trails. I was then hooked for good and immediately started more upgrades. I put a 3" body lift on the truck purchased some 32 swampers and put 4:88 and an ARB air locker in the rear of the truck, purchased a Smitty winch bumper and xd8000I. This was the platform of a good all around truck for me and lasted about 2 years in that form, tackling harder and harder trails. I eventually opted for lower gearing in the case (4:1 kit) and went with 5:29's and a set of 34" Buckshot mudders, purchased a welder and metal fabrication tools and started building, building, building and never turned back. The truck has been all over the country from New Mexico all the way up into Canada. Currently the truck is nothing more than a pure toy and gets the trailer most every long trip. I have plans to get back down to Surprise Canyon, do Rubicon again, and most of all I really want to run the Dusy Ershim Trail in California.

Worst Stuck / Break
When the truck had IFS I was attending a local trail run and while crossing a bolder infested river crossing I high centered on my gas tank (the large dent still resides), slid off and wasted my rear drive line right in the middle of the river. If that was not enough I wasted a front half shaft trying to get out, eventually winched myself back to shore and proceeded to get towed to a buddy's shop. Bad Day........

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