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Mohd Pradaus, Mohd Yusof's 1987 Toyota Landcruiser II
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Daus's '87 Landcruiser II.

Owner : Mohd Pradaus, Mohd Yusof Equipment and Modifications:

Vehicle: 1987 Toyota Landcruiser II
Location: Sengkurong, Brunei

Daus's Cruiser is set up for challenging rainforest conditions - hence the snorkel and recovery gear.
The truck is used hard, but looks great!
The Cruiser II interior is pure function.
The engine is a stock 2.5L watercooled turbodiesel, which provides excellent reliability in the water and mud.
Daus lifted the Cruiser 4" and custom-made components to make it all work well.
Tackling a nasty mudhole.......
  • 2.5L watercooled turbodiesel
  • 4.88 differential gears
  • 4" Toughdog coil spring lift
  • Custom reverse and rebored steering arm for the lift
  • Safari Snorkel
  • 34" Goodyear MT's on 16x8 AR wheels
  • ARB Bullbar
  • Warn 8274 winch
  • Rancho 9000's all around
  • OME Steering Stabilizer
  • Customized Fore bullbar for the rear
  • Rear LSD
  • Custom nerfbars
  • Personal Notes from Daus:
    Daus uses his Cruiser on the Brunei trails and special 4WD events throughout Asia such as the 4WD Challenge and the Rainforest Challenge. Most of the trails consist of mud, swamps, muddy hills, and trails into the jungle, where the SWB Cruiser excels. The diesel engine provides enough power while remaining very reliable in the wet conditions. The truck has been named "RedBull" and is still an ongoing project. Daus hopes to someday transplant an 80-Series 4.5L intercooled turbo engine and add at least one ARB locker.

    Tales from the Trails:
    "The 4WD Challenge is actually an annual event/race where every 4wheeler can thrash/test their rig. It is divided into several categories.1) Stock 2) Modified 3) Extreme. Stock is merely a change of tires into mud tires. Modified is changing suspension, tires, turbo systems. And Extreme is anything out of those categories which includes engine swaps etc. The race is also divided into individual and team, again to see who can finish the track in the fastest time. The track has obstacles like going through mud pits, mud baths, mud hills all which have their own twists and turns. It is an all day event from sun-up to sundown. Another regular event we have here is the International Rainforest challenge. Maybe you have heard of it where countries of all regions come down here to test their rigs and skills in driving through the worst jungle terrain which takes about 10 days. This is the toughest of them all and usually not that many rigs will survive if not well prepared."

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