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Tony Gressett's Bobbed 1985 Toyota 4Runner
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Tony's Bobbed '85 4Runner.

Owner : Tony Gressett Equipment and Modifications:

Vehicle: 1985 Toyota 4Runner
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Tony's 4Runner is built for the most challenging trails in Colorado and Utah.
Body mods and healthy lift provide clearance for the big meats.
Tony's 4Runner looks great and crawls even better!
  • Bobbed 13.5" from the body and top
  • 4.88 differential gears
  • 35" BFG MT's
  • 5.5" Alcan springs with Rancho 9000s
  • Marlin Dual Transfer case with 4.7:1 Low
  • Warn Birfield Eliminator kit
  • Custom high-steer crossover steering
  • Freshly painted with Omni Superwhite 101
  • Downey front fiberglass fenders
  • Custom bumpers, nerfs, and skidplates
  • Custom interior roll cage
  • Cobra Nighthawk CB
  • Nakamichi 6-disc indash CD, Polk speakers, 2 12" Orion subs
  • Warn 8000i winch
  • Onboard ReadyWelder
  • Rock lights
  • Homemade C02 system
  • Tony's Worst Broke Story:
    It was a cool November day in Moab, Utah. The 8 Toyotas left our hotels around 8:00 AM and had a few trails to do before day's end: They included Poison Spider Mesa and Golden Spike Trail. We never realized how the black marks wash away after a few months of non-use... but they do. That really put us guessing where to turn, and where we were going. After 7 long hours we made it to the Golden Crack, yes it was 3:00 PM. We took the normal pictures of the Colorado River, etc., then we took our turn through the Crack. I was second to last to go through. When going through this obstacle you bind the front up very much: Well it did more than that, it broke my steering arm off in two! No welder and no spare part - ouch! We removed the broken arm and headed to town. In Moab in November the sun goes down between 6:00 and 7:00 PM, so we ran out of day light, and it was so dark and so hard to see the trail, we got lost again. So we slept on the trail in our Toyotas, with 3 Snickers bars to share. Long night, but we finally made it.

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