Hot Toy : Robert Jackson's 1994 "Super" Runner
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Testing the Newfound Front Travel

Owner : Robert Jackson Equipment and Modifications:

Vehicle: 1994 Toyota 4Runner SR-5
Vehicle name:SUPER RUNNER
Location:Provo, UT
Favorite Trail:Utah and Colorado Trails.

A Little Rock Climbing Exercise
More Showing Off for the Camera
Shot of Installed 7M-GTE, 3.0L I-6, Supra Turbo Engine
The Broken Knuckle Incident (See Story for Details).
  • Toyota Supra Turbo 7M-GTE 3.0L Inline Six
  • R151F Toyota Turbo Truck Transmission
  • 23 Spline Marlin Crawler Dual Transfer Case
  • 5.29 Ring and Pinion Gears
  • Supra 8" Rear Limited Slip Differential
  • 35x14.50/15 Super Swamper SSRs
  • Solid Front Axle Conversion - 1981 Axle
  • Hy-Steer Crossover Steering
  • Front Springs: Hybrid/Custom
  • Rear Springs: 4" Lift Coils
  • Rancho RS9000 Shocks
  • HD Clutch by MonsterClutch
  • 2" Body Lift

Future Modifications:

  • 5" Lift Front Leaf Springs
  • All Pro 5.5" Lift 56" Long Leaf Springs for Rear Axle
  • 65" Wide Dana 60s, Front and Rear
  • Bigger Injectors
  • Intercooler/Larger Air Flow Meter

Personal Notes from Robert:

I purchased my 1994 4runner in February 2000, but it wasn't for me, it was for my fiance. I wanted something nice and reliable for her yet something that we could take camping. Well, as fate would have it, that was broke off a few weeks later. I thought to myself, "How bad could it really be?" I am all about mods to vehicles, but I told my friends I would leave this one alone.
Well, they all made bets on how long that it would be before I started building the 4Runner. In June of 2000, I started gathering parts for my first modification, a solid axle swap. By July I had completed it. I must say, I was much happier with the solid axle conversion, but not happy enough. With the bigger tires and the automatic transmission, the truck got terrible gas mileage and the performance was awful. I drove it that way for 5 more months and decided that the drivetrain had to go. By now, my friends were starting to get a little worried and kept telling me I was crazy.
In December I ripped out the drivetrain, and started my Toyota Supra Turbo, and manual transmission swap. Because this had never been done before, it took awhile for me to complete the transplant. After much research, time, and money, on February 15, 2001, 1 year and 5 days after the purchase, I finished my engine and drivetrain swap. Well, you think this would have been enough for awhile, but that only lasted a month and a half. After destroying two sets of gears in the rear differential, I pulled my truck in the shop and once again, ripped everything out. For the next month or so, I will be working on a Dana 60 front/rear axle setup to handle the power of the 500 horsepower Supra Turbo engine.
The most difficult part about the swap was lining the motor and transmission up where I wanted it to be. I spent hours making small adjustments to make sure I got it right. With the inline 6, you don't have much room in the engine compartment. Along with that, trying to make sense of all the different combinations of compatible Toyota manual transmissions and combinations of gears, shafts, bellhousings and adapters took what seemed like forever.

Worst Stuck / Break
It was 12:00 Midnight with no moon, overcast, and pitch black outside. I was wheeling along on a fairly rough trail that I had been on several times before, and looking for a nice spot to camp for the night. My passenger and I were startled when my headlights bounced off two beady eyes that were attached to a very large black body. To the left, a smaller version of that body was standing nearby. "BEAR" we both mumbled under our breath. No, it wasn't a bear, but a moose and her calf, much more dangerous than a bear. Well, we were were able to sneak by without startling them too much, and we kept going looking for a spot to camp. Since the both of us were still thinking about that moose we decided to head out of the canyon and go somewhere else a little lower in elevation.
Just as I finished making the turnaround there was a pop from the front right of the truck. No, unfortunately, it wasn't a birfield but much worse. We didn't need 4wheel drive to get out, but we did need steering and an axle. For some reason the studs that hold the steering arm on sheared off, leaving us with no steering, and the knuckle about ready to fall off. I think someone had heli-coiled the knuckle in the past. One stud had sheared off, and the other 3 were stripped out. We couldn't move. I had an idea to pull half the studs from the other side, and limp home. To make things worse, I had no flashlight, but I did have my laptop with me, and used the screen to light up the repair. After a few hours of trying to pull the studs out, working with a broken scissors jack, rocks for support, a broken kingpin bearing, stripped holes in the knuckle and a moose and her calf less then 1/4 mile down the road, we were able to make it out of the canyon and home stopping to tighten the stripped studs every 100 feet while on the trail, and every mile while on the pavement. What was normally a 1 1/2 hour trip home from this spot, took us 6 hours.

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