Hot Toy : Allen Jensen's 4Runner
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Allen's 4Runner in Southern California's San Bernadino Mountains

Owner : Allen Jensen Equipment and Modifications:

Vehicle: 1992 Toyota 4Runner SR-5
Vehicle name:THUMPER
Location: Orange County, CA
Favorite Trail:John Bull Trail, San Bernadino Mountains, CA

Rock Garden, John Bull Trail
IFS Travel Test!
MDA and Cal 4Wheel's Off-Road for Hope, 2000
Twisting it up in the San Bernadino Mountains
  • DOA Racing Engines rebuilt 3VZ-E, 3.0L V6
  • >
  • The Original AJ Snorkel
  • Pro Comp Stage-II 4" lift
  • Rancho 24MM torsion bars
  • Rear Downey coil springs
  • Downey IFS truss and idler arm gusset
  • Converted grille guard into air tank with in-dash pressure guage
  • Rear Downey coil springs
  • Rockstomper 1/4" ball joint spacers
  • Ramsey 9000lb winch on custom mount
  • Custom nerf bars
  • 4.88 gears
  • Front EZ Locker
  • Rear Detroit True Trac
  • Downey stainless steel extended brake lines
  • Rancho RS9000 shocks w/remote
  • Modified Con-Ferr roof rack
  • Con-Ferr transfer case skidplate
  • On-board air
  • Optima red top battery
  • Custom CAT-back exhaust system
  • Defeated ADD with Warn manual hubs
  • 32x11.50/15 BFG Mud-Terrain T/A radials

Future Modifications:

  • Headers
  • More rear lift
  • Better (stronger) front and rear bumpers

Personal Notes from Allen:

After trying another brand of 4x4 and going in the back woods a few times I was hooked. So instead of building up that vehicle, I bought my 92 4Runner in 1996 with only 37K miles on it. After a few months of lurking on one of the mailing lists, I started the series of upgrades that we all know so personally. I started with longer rear springs to fix that sagging problem, turned up the front torsion bars, better shocks, True Tracs and now a locker and 4.88 gears. Getting a welder opened up even more doors to make custom side bars, the front hitch for the winch, and the roof rack. Now with the new engine, and a little more lift I should be back on the trails soon.

Worst Stuck / Break
I haven't had any realllllly bad stucks, but at Pismo I had my most embarassing one, and my first real trail break. While warming up on some little hills while friends finished getting ready for the morning ride, I got stuck to the frame just climbing a little 5 foot tall bump of sand. When trying to back down the bump, I found out why I got stuck in the first place. My left front axle blew apart. With no torque from the left axle, the true trac passed no power to the right axle, so I was in 2 wheel drive buried to the frame. After being the tow truck on a previous run up the Millers Jeep trail, this time I needed to be tugged back off the little hill by a friend before the days trails even started, and I was out for the weekend.

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