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blackb2.jpg Project Black Bean OME Suspension
Bill Morgan recently purchased a Toyota Tacoma to relieve his rockcrawling 4Runner of daily driver duties. Of course, Bill being a gearhead it wasn't long before he started making plans to modify the new truck, dubbed the Blackbean. Bill starts the modifications this month by adding an Old Man Emu suspension for increased ride height and an improved ride.

Project ROKTOY: Tubular Chassis Buildup
Project ROKTOY is the complete transformation of Jay Kopycinski's 1985 Mini to a tube chassis rock buggy. This series of articles documents the complete buildup, from bringing home the frame to the art of bending the tube. In the November '06 update, Jay finally retires the leaf springs and converts the rear suspension to a 4-link setup.

Dan Basham's Supercharged, Solid Axle '86 4Runner!
A dream truck perhaps? Dan Basham started out with a 1986 4Runner complete with tired 22RE and IFS - and wound up with a Supercharged 3.4L V6 solid axle monster!

Project Mini
Project Mini was recently purchased used, in about as bone stock condition as you could get. We'll be building this truck up to be a hard core rock-crawler, while still maintaining a comfortable and highway worthy ride. Stay tuned for the play-by-play action as Project Mini begins its transformation.

5M-GE Supra Inline-6 Engine Swap
Rather than rebuilding a tired 22R-series engine, 4x4Wire's Andy Zook chose to swap in the powerful 5M-GE Inline-6 engine from a Supra. Andy's complete journal documents the work, the cost, and the successful results.

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