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By: Phil Roemer, September, 2002. Mail your submission to the roundup to Dan Eddleman.

Many people have replaced their vehicle's bumpers due to damage, need for heavy duty protection, adding accessories or just for looks. Bumpers are available through retail stores or you can choose to have one custom built. Here is a collection of writeups that we hope will help you when deciding what type of bumper is right for your vehicle. If you have a bumper not covered here, email Dan Eddleman to find out how to be included. Enjoy!


Off the shelf bumpers are direct bolt-on applications to most stock vehicles. Some modification may be necessary for installation if your vehicle has been modified in any way or the particular bumper is not intended for your vehicle. Below are just a few of the bumpers available in the retail market.

Chuck Gardella
front and rear bumpers for all years of Toyota Trucks
2nd Gen 4Runners
Corey Tando
1991 4Runner
ARB Winch Bumper
Central 4wd
Leo Castaneda
1995 4Runner
ARB Winch Bumper
3rd Gen 4Runners
Candido Tapia
1999 4Runner
ARB Sahara Bumper
Mike Vespucci
2000 4Runner
TJM T-15 Bumper
Xtreme Off-Road
Steve Schaefer
1999 4Runner
TJM T-17 Bumper
Chuck Gardella
front and rear bumpers for all years of Toyota Trucks
Colin Kiefer
Tacoma front bumper

Custom Built

Kam Fierstine: 1985 Regular Cab Rear Bumper

1st Gen 4Runners
Roger Brown: 1984-1989 4Runner Rear Bumper

2nd Gen 4Runners
Leo Castaneda: 1995 4Runner Custom Rear Bumper

3rd Gen 4Runners
Dan Eddleman: 2000 4Runner Front Bumper

Jeff Bathke: 2000 4Runner Front Bumper

Scott Yoder: 2000 4Runner Front Bumper

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