Toyota Tech:
Beefing Up the Gas Tank Skidplate
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By: Jay Kopycinski. November, 2001.

Does your tank look like could!

If you do much challenging wheeling with your Toyota you'll sooner or later hit your gas tank skidplate on a rock or other trail obstacle. The stock skidplate is good for mild hits, but will easily start to bend when hit hard. One option to fortify the area is to replace the stock skidplate with something beefier. Instead, we'll show you a quick way to beef up the stock plate for very little time and cost.

With the skidplate unbolted and removed from the tank, you simply need to weld some reinforcing steel pieces to the top side of the skidplate. We chose to use some 1/2" steel angle iron we had lying around. Alternately, you could probably use 3/4" angle, or similar sized box tubing, as well. Just be sure to check other sizes to make sure they fit between the skidplate and the bottom of the gas tank.

Cautionary Note:
Be sure that any welding is done far from the gas tank and any fumes from the tank.

Kinda obvious.....huh?
Angle iron used to add stiffness to the skidplate Paint removed in preparation for welding Welding the angle every few inches on the skidplate

We cut the angle iron pieces and laid them in the low areas of the skidplate. We then placed short welds every few inches to weld the angle to the skidplate. We found the welding caused the skidplate to warp a bit but it could easily be pressed right back flat when it was bolted back onto the gas tank.

Here is the finished, beefier skidplate

While this isn't the ultimate rock guarding skidplate, it does offer a resonable improvement over the stock setup. Best of all, the cost of the modification is practically free if you have access to a welder.

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