Swapping a Toyota Supra Engine Into a Toyota Pickup

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Author: Andrew Zook February, 2000

Supra Engine Swap

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Part II Index:

  1. What's new this month?
  2. About the swap
  3. Other interesting information

Part III Index:

What's new this month?
The engine bolted into the frame
The cab re-installed!
The clearance around the engine

After working vigerously on the swap the first month or so, I took a little break and did not accomplish a whole lot for a few weeks. As the weather finally started to warm up, I took the opportunity to head back out to the shop to work on the truck.

To this point I have most of the brute force work completed, the engine/transmission are mounted in the frame, and the cab is reinstalled on the new short wheelbase frame. All of the major details such as the fit of the engine, bolting it to the truck transmission, welding the motor mounts on have been completed. I am now working on the cooling system, the fuel system, the electrical system, and the brake system which will all be included in the next and final article.

After recieving a lot of email on the swap, I wanted to clarify a few things. This swap will only work on trucks with a straight axle (not IFS). The oil pan clearance with the IFS sub-frame is the limiting factor for fitting this engine into an IFS truck. The engine MIGHT fit if the oil pan from a 7M-GE were swapped in, but anyone attempting the swap would have to figure this out for thenselves. This swap will also not work on trucks older than '84 - first generation trucks - because the length of the engine bay is shorter than that of the '84 - '88 trucks and 4runners.

I am using the stock 5 speed and transfer case for the moment and do not know how well it will hold up to the abuse of this engine. Only time will tell how the drivetrain parts will withstand the beating that this engine will put on them. I feel fairly confident that the stock parts will be able to withstand the power, at least for a while. There have been many engine swaps that have had more power feeding the somewhat weak stock transmission.

With that out of the way, please head onward to the swap information page!

Click here to continue on to the swap information

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