Tech: Swapping a Toyota Supra Engine Into a Toyota Pickup.
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By: C. Andrew Zook - 6/2000

Supra Engine Swap

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  1. What's new this month?
  2. About the swap
  3. Looking back on the swap

What's new this month?
The "final" product - although a little dirty at the moment!
The clearance between the pulleys and the radiator.
The dual electric fans in front of the radiator.

I am happy to report that I have finished the engine conversion, and at the moment already have over 2200 miles on it! This will be the final article in the 3 part series that followed my progress of the swap. I still need to tear the truck back down to clean and paint everything, and replace all of the seals and gaskets on the engine.

I have a few problems with the EFI that I need to work out, but after talking to the previous owner of the engine, the problems were also present when he owned it. A little diagnostics should get me straightened out in no-time!

I finished putting the truck back together only 8 hours before my yearly trek to the Great Smoky Mountain Trail Ride (hereafter referred to as GSMTR). Early on in the trip I encountered a few small problems that I overlooked while putting the truck back together, but thankfully, everything went smoothly.

The Supra engine pulls the truck along very well. The improvement in acceleration is immediately noticeable! It is definitely not like driving a truck with a V8, but it is a vast improvement over the stock 22R.

I have waited to regear the truck until after the swap so I could see how the engine does in 5th gear on the highway. I definitely still need to regear, but I will most likely go with 4.88s rather than 5.29s. 5th gear is somewhat usable at highway speed, but 4th is still a must for mountain driving. With the more powerful engine, and the 35" tires, I was still able to get around 19MPG on the highway!

I sat down and calculated the final cost of the conversion the best that I could. Including the purchase price of the engine, I have less than $1400 into the swap. I spent more than this, but the extra cost was from the frame swap that I performed at the same time.

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