Swapping a Toyota Supra Engine Into a Toyota Pickup

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Author: Andrew Zook February, 2000
CAZ's Toyota 4x4 Page - Supra 5M-GE Engine Swap

Supra Engine Swap

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Progress Journals

Stripping the Supra

Supra - Wiring Harness
Engine in the Supra
The wires that were removed
Pulling the engine

I started by stripping the dash out of the interior of the car. This allowed me to get to the wiring harness and to see what connectors were attached to critical items for engine management, and which ones were not. I slowly and painstakingly labeled all of the connections, and which ones that I needed to remove.

After everything was marked and I was sure that the car still ran well, I proceeded to remove the wiring harness, untape the entire thing, and removed all of the wires which were not needed for the fuel injection. In all I removed about 8 pounds of wire from the harness. When I finished the surgery on the harness, I re-installed it into the car to be sure that everything was still in working order! Sure enough it fired right up!

1/1/00 - I pulled the engine from the car today. I must remove the fuel system from it yet, and then it is off to the scrap heap for what is left of the car.

1/3/00 - The Supra is gone from the barn.... but not without incident!

The guy that I bought it from came to pick it up tonight to take some of the remaining parts off of it. We got it loaded on the trailer and he headed out. I headed into my parent's house to grab a bite to eat, say goodbye, and headed home.

About 5 miles from my parent's house I got onto the highway and saw all sorts of flashing lights. As I got closer I soon saw the supra - still on the trailer but looking a little beat up. The 4Runner tow vehicle was also a little bashed in on the rear end.

It turns out that the trailer somehow started flying back and forth wildly, the hitch came off, and it started swinging even more as it was hanging by the safety chains. The chains finally broke - and the trailer - still attached to the car flipped onto the roof of the car!! The car slid a ways down the highway on the roof!

Anyhow, the fire company, ambulance, police, and all were there but with the exception of the police had left by the time I arrived. The fire company flipped the trailer back over and believe it or not there was no damage done to it.

We think that the 4runner was just not heavy enough. The tongue did not have a lot of weight on it, and when he hit the bumps on the highway, it just got out of control!

Whew!!! What a night!

Tearing the truck apart

Removing the cab
The rolling chassis

1/15/00 - I cleaned out the garage today in preperation for tearing the truck down. My plans are to strip the truck down to a rolling chassis tomorrow (if I can get that far). I pulled the transmission from the engine today and mounted it on the engine stand so that it is a little more mobile for moving around the shop.

The clutch (Centerforce) looks pretty good and has about 1/8" of pad left on either side. I will most likely just reinstall it rather than purchase a new one.

1/16/00 - I am proud of my accomplishments today! I pulled the truck into the barn around 2:00 and started ripping and tearing. By the time I quit around 8:00, I had the bed off, and everything disconnected so that the cab is ready to pull off. I would have pulled the cab off tonight, but the weather was cold and it was very windy. I decided that I will wait until tomorrow night! Not too shabby - 6 hours to strip the truck down to the rolling chassis (working by myself)! My plans for tomorrow night include removing the cab and engine.

At the current rate, I need to start ordering parts like crazy! I need (at the least) a set of Ford shock mounts, a set of '89 spring hangers for the 5" longer Alcans, and a set of body mounts (if you can buy these from Toyota without paying an arm and a leg).

1/19/00 - After taking 2 nights off because of the extremely cold weather, it finally warmed up to a balmy 25 degrees (F)! I decided that this is probably the warmest that it would get for a while and decided that tonight was the night to remove the cab - since it required having the barn doors open and the heaters off.

The hoist

I once again rigged up the hoist that I used when I originally took the truck down to the frame. It worked even better than I had remembered. We hoisted the cab up, and pulled the chassis outside. We then backed the trailer in and lowered the cab onto it - getting the cab out of the shop to free up valuable space.

I was finally able to take some measurements tonight. It looks like the 5M-GE mounts are located the same distance forward from the rear of the engine as the 22R. The bolt pattern of the holes on the mounts is not quite the same. The 5M bolt centers are somewhere between 1/2" - 3/4" wider than those of the 22R mounts. The engine itself is a little taller than the 22R, but after the addition of the air cleaner assembly (to the 22R), the 5M is only about 1" taller! It looks like I may be able to get it in there without a body lift!

5M - showing the front sump

I don't think that crossover steering will work with the 5M in it's stock form. It looks like the oil pan (front sump) will interfere with the drag link. I have been researching other applications and found out that the 7M-GE oil pan will bolt right up - and it is a rear sump! I am currently looking for a used 7M oil pan so that I can test it out. I would have to relocate the pickup, but this is not a big deal. My other option at the moment is an oil pan from a 5M-GE out of a Cressida. This pan has a center sump.

At the time of writing, this swap is still underway. Please check back regularly for additions to the article.

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