2000 Moab Easter Jeep Safari

Moab, Utah- April 2000 Short Cuts

4x4wire.com trail coverage by: Randy Wheeler, John Nutter, Vance Anderson, Terry Howe, Bart Jacobs, Josh Lowenstein, Jeff Reynolds, Ron Hollatz

Trail Reports
  21 Road
  Rusty Nail
  Moab Rim
 Sniper Test Run
Other Attractions

  Lion's Back
  Potato Salad Hill
  Big Saturday Parade
Sneak Peek
  Proving Grounds Trail
Photo Gallery
Video from the trails
  video is coming soon!

2000 Easter Jeep Safari
Every year Thousands of 4x4 owners from around the United States and around the world gather in Moab Utah during the week before Easter. The Red Rock 4Wheelers host the event every year and offer organized trail rides to anyone with a true four wheel drive vehicle. There are also hundreds of unofficial trail rides going on all week.

test Driving the Sniper at the 2000 EJS

4x4Wire is known for its thorough coverage and analysis, and this event was no exception. Our team coverage puts more cameras on the trails, capturing the action for the Internet. Some features have not been published yet becuase most of the staff has been home from the event for less than a week before our publication deadline. Please check back soon and we will have more trail coverage and more photos, possibly even a photo of your truck.


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